• Kevin Bacon Celebrates His 65th Birthday with His Wife – They Are Happily Married on Their Farm Years after Losing ‘Millions’

    • Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick met on a movie set in the ’80s.
    • The couple has been married for 35 years and share two kids.
    • They once lost “millions” due to a pyramid scheme.

    Kevin Bacon and his beautiful wife, Kyra Sedgwick, have been married for three decades. The lovebirds met while filming the 1988 PBS movie “Lemon Sky.”

    They walked down the aisle in September of that year and have been married for almost 35 years. Sedgwick dished on what has kept the couple’s marriage going for so long.

    In a recent interview, the Golden Globe Award-winning actress shared that the secret of their enduring union has something to do with food. Sedgwick explained:

    “Sometimes there’s sparks. Sometimes there’s just chicken. Sometimes it’s romantic and it’s like, ‘Oh my god.’ And sometimes it’s chicken.”

    The “Loverboy” star was referring to “roast chicken,” adding, “It’s always good and reliable.” Sedgwick further stated the “secret to a long-lasting marriage is not to take advice from celebrities about the secret to a happy marriage.”

    The “The Closer” star reflected on how she fell in love with Bacon and knew he was the right man for her. When they crossed paths, she was “fiercely independent.” However, when she met the Pennsylvania native, she felt a need to marry him.

    Sedgwick said she could not describe the feeling, but it scared her because she was not used to depending on others. But something about Bacon made her let her guard down. She gushed:

    “He was the one, you know? He was just the soul mate. He was just the one.”

    Sedgwick recently helped her spouse celebrate his 65th birthday. Bacon marked the special occasion on his Instagram alongside a picture of him and what his beloved wife prepared for his birthday. He captioned the post:

    “[…] My wife has made this a beautiful day. She has said recently our marriage is like roast chicken, so she made a perfect chicken for dinner followed by my favorite— buckwheat banana bread with chocolate icing. Perfect day.”

    Bacon Lost ‘Millions’ but Not Love for His Wife – The Couple Enjoy Singing on Their Farm

    Bacon and Sedgwick are not only successful in their marriage but in their careers, too. With this accomplishment, Sedgwick credits being each other’s support system. The New York native also revealed the key ingredient in their union:

    “A sense of humor is crucial. He is very freaking funny.”

    Sedgwick and Bacon’s relationship has been tested over the years. In 2009, they faced a financial challenge after realizing they had been scammed by the infamous New York financier Bernie Madoff in his $50 billion Ponzi scheme.

    In a May 2017 interview, Bacon refused to disclose how much money they lost due to the scandal. However, media reports claim it was “millions.” Nonetheless, he candidly discussed the experience and said he and his spouse overcame the ordeal together.

    “It was a bad day. But pretty quickly we were able to see all the things we had as opposed to whatever we lost,” said the Golden Globe Award winner.

    Despite their problems, the Hollywood couple enjoys spending time together on their farm in Connecticut. Bacon recently posted a video of the duo singing. The clip showed him playing the guitar while Sedgwick played a kazoo in the background.

    “Happy 4th! Beware of goat poop,” he wrote in his post. The happily married pair kissed at the end of the video and said, “Happy Fourth of July.”

    Bacon gave a tour of the couple’s farm on “Good Morning America” in March 2021 and shared they own goats and alpacas. The property consists of several barns where the two care for their animals.

    Bacon & Sedgwick Share Two Adult Children

    Sedgwick and Bacon have a son and a daughter, Travis and Sosie. The pair welcomed their eldest child Travis in June 1989 and their youngest in March 1992.

    The duo’s kids followed in their footsteps by pursuing careers in the entertainment industry. Travis is a musician, and his little sister Sosie is an actress.

    In a May 2017 interview, Bacon, a Screen Actors Guild Award winner, proudly talked about fatherhood and revealed his children are self-reliant individuals.

    He also discussed his and his Emmy Award-winning wife’s parenting style and shared they never tell their brood what to do, and that approach has solidified their bond with them.

    The doting and proud father of two divulged what being a parent means to him, adding what he considers the most significant achievement in his life.

    “The proudest accomplishment of my life is my children. Being a parent [means] bringing them up and trying to teach them and have them learn by example to be good, decent, compassionate, hardworking people,” said the family patriarch.

  • Soap Star Andrea Evans Dies at 66 Holding Daughter’s Hand – Updated

    • Andrea Evans from “The Bold and The Beautiful” has died aged 66 after battling breast cancer.
    • The actress’s husband, Stephen Rodriguez, and daughter, Kylie Rodriguez, wrote an emotional tribute to Evans.
    • Father and daughter said Evans was a great mom and wife who taught the family love, resilience, and kindness.

    Andrea Evans has died aged 66. She was a phenomenal actress who starred in “The Bold and The Beautiful,” “DeVanity,” and “One Life to Live.”

    Evans acted as Fay Morrison Wheeler in the NBC series “The Awakening Land.” This role became her television debut in 1978.

    Andrea Evans promotional portrait for NBC’s “Passion” taken on July 12, 2005 | Source: Getty Images

    Andrea Evans promotional portrait for NBC’s “Passion” taken on July 12, 2005 | Source: Getty Images

    Evans’ representative, Nick Leicht, announced that the actress died at her home on July 9, 2023. The “Hit List” star died following a battle with breast cancer.

    The actress’s husband, Stephen Rodriguez, released an emotional statement where he called his wife a “remarkable individual.”

    Evans’ daughter Kylie Rodriguez, 19, also wrote her statement. She said her mother’s death had altered her world forever and that words can’t weren’t enough to showcase the intensity of her pain.

    Kylie remembered Evans as a mother who had a vibrant spirit, infectious laughter, and boundless love. She added that Evans left a mark on everyone who was fortunate to know and interact with her.

    In 2022, Evans and Kylie got matching tattoos on the teenager’s 18th birthday. The tattoos, drawn on their ankles, were heart-shaped, with each other’s first name initials.

    Andrea Evans in Hollywood, California on October 23, 2017 | Source: Getty Images

    Andrea Evans in Hollywood, California on October 23, 2017 | Source: Getty Images

    Evans and her husband got married in 1998. The two were married for 25 years and had one child, Kylie, born on May 9, 2004.

    Andrea Evans Taught Her Family Resilience

    Evans’ husband and daughter said the actress taught her family resilience as she battled breast cancer with courage.

    Rodriguez noted that Evans had unshakeable strength, positivity, and indomitable spirit. He said everybody that knew the soap star adored her.

    The actress’s husband said Evans put on a fearless fight against breast cancer up to her death. Rodriguez added that his wife inspired the family to hold on to hope as she tackled a relentless disease.

    Andrea Evans in Glendale, California, on April 27, 2004, | Source: Getty Images

    Andrea Evans in Glendale, California, on April 27, 2004, | Source: Getty Images

    Rodriguez said he and Evans spent 30-plus years together, a period where Evans showed what a great mom and wife she was.

    Rodriguez called his wife his rock, noting that as much as cancer killed her, it didn’t kill her spirit. He noted that Evans’ spirit will live on in the lives of every person that she was inspired.

    In Evans’ daughter’s statement, the teenager noted that her mom showed incredible strength as she battled cancer with grace and determination.

    Kylie said that despite the pain and uncertainty Evans faced, she cherished every moment. The teenager noted mom taught her how to find joy even in the darkest hours, “We held hands until the very end.”

    Kylie thanked her family, friends, and community for supporting her as she mourned her mother. She was also immensely grateful to the healthcare professionals that took care of her mom.

    The 19-year-old said that as much as her mom was no longer alive, she would cherish and use the lessons Evans taught her on resilience, kindness, and love to guide her through the tough journey ahead.

    What Kind of Wife and Mother Was Andrea Evans?

    Evans was a fun and loving mother and wife. She shared several moments she spent with her family on social media.

    In 2022, Evans and Kylie got matching tattoos on the teenager’s 18th birthday. The tattoos, drawn on their ankles, were heart-shaped, with each other’s first name initials. Evans wrote, “If you look closely mine has a k, hers has an a. Love my girl sooo much❤️.”

    Andrea Evans in Los Angeles City in 1984| Source: Getty Images

    Andrea Evans in Los Angeles City in 1984| Source: Getty Images

    A few weeks after Kylie’s 18th birthday, she graduated. Evans shared a beautiful picture of herself, her husband, and Kylie in her graduation gown.

    The family had bright smiles on their faces. Evans captioned the post, “And this happened yesterday. My baby is all grown up. So proud❤️.”

    Kylie and her mother also attended events together. In November 2021, mother and daughter took a cute selfie at the Hollywood Christmas Parade, where Evans was representing “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

    Evans also celebrated Mother’s Day in 2022 with a gorgeous picture of her family and friends. She said that Mother’s Day was “awesome.” In the shared pictures, the family and friends looked happy and having fun.

    From the pictures she shared and the amazing tributes her family has written, it is evident that the actress was a great wife who cherished motherhood and will be greatly missed by her husband and daughter.

    In the eyes of her fans, Evans will remain a soap icon and an actress with incredible acting skills that led to her nominations for two Daytime Emmys in her successful career.

  • Okla. Woman Given Days to Live Married Partner of 19 Years. She Died ‘Surrounded by Love’

    A woman died days after she married her longtime love in a race against time.

    Although neither Becky Mason, 69, nor George Kelley, 72, were looking for anything serious when they first met 19 years ago, the Oklahoma City couple got married on Thursday after learning she had just days to live, according to ABC affiliate KOCO-TV.

    “One thing led to another, and 19 years later, we’re here. We’re getting married,” Kelley told the outlet before her death.

    He told the station that Mason, who was diagnosed with colon cancer three years ago, found out last week that she only had 24 to 72 hours to live.

    The news that her “kidneys have completely shut down” came on July 5, according to a GoFundMe page set up to help cover end of life expenses.

    “If I could take the cancer myself and have the cancer so she could continue to live, then I would. Gladly,” Kelley told KOCO-TV.

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    The couple met for the first time “over 19 years ago on the dance floor,” according to the GoFundMe page, which has raised over $1,600 as of Monday.

    “Their first date was at Dennys and they share a love of Godzilla, crafting and experiencing life. Together they share 5 children and 11 grandchildren,” read a message from loved ones,

    In an update on the fundraising page, loved ones shared that Mason died on Sunday.

    “It is with great sadness as well as thankfulness that we announce Becky passed yesterday, Sunday July 9th around 3 p.m. She was surrounded by love and peace,” read a message from the Kelley family.

    “Thank you for all of your love and continued support, we sincerely appreciate it,” the family added.

  • ‘Wonka’ First Look! See a ‘Mischievous’ Timothée Chalamet, Orange Hugh Grant in New Origin Story (Exclusive)

    Timothée Chalamet is making Willy Wonka his own.

    PEOPLE has exclusive photos from the upcoming big-screen musical Wonka, set to his theaters this December and starring Chalamet, 27, as the singing-and-dancing titular chocolatier.

    One image also shows Hugh Grant as an orange Oompa Loompa, approximately 20 inches tall. Another shows Chalamet holding on to costar Calah Lane as her character Noodle begins to float.

    Speaking with PEOPLE, director and co-writer Paul King (Paddington, Paddington 2) praises Chalamet as a “phenomenal actor” who was able to successfully put his own spin on the iconic character first introduced in novel form by author Roald Dahl in 1964’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    “I think what’s so remarkable about his performance is not only that he is funny and mischievous and quite mysterious, as well — just like the Willy Wonka that people will know — but also, he brings such heart to the role and he’s a brilliant actor,” says King, 44.

    “He’s incredibly emotionally intelligent and can bring a great deal of emotional truth to the role.”

    King says he saw making Wonka as a “real opportunity” for him to “celebrate old-time musicals, which I love and are very dear to my heart.”

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    Wonka First Look Photos
    Calah Lane as Noodle and Timothée Chalamet as Willy Wonka in “Wonka” (2023).WARNER BROS. PICTURES

    “The film tells the story of a young Willy Wonka, who comes to an uptight European center of chocolate with all these very fancy chocolate shops that sell candy at sharply inflated prices,” he says. “He brings this riot of color and energy and the future, and a lot more joyous sense of it.”

    “We try to evoke that through these kind of dance sequences there,” King adds. “And there’s a couple of really big numbers in there, and there’s an amazing sort of zero-gravity set piece [and] some really lovely numbers.”

    The director says fans of Chalamet might be surprised that he “can also sing and dance brilliantly,” on top of his thespian chops.

    “It’s really a tour de force for him there,” King says of Chalamet’s performance, adding, “He was rehearsing for months before we went to kind of that honing skills, which was a pleasure to watch.”

    Asked how much chocolate the cast and crew consumed on set, King tells PEOPLE it was a “great deal, which was a wonderful thing” that reminded him that his “life had taken a wonderful turn.”

    In fact, King himself got to do a lot of taste-testing — from an on-set chocolate maker! — every Monday, which he jokes “was a real tough way to start the working week.”

    “We had this incredible chocolatier,” he says. “She made these incredible concoctions, and we would taste them. They tasted much better than they needed to, because obviously actors are good at pretending things, but the miracle was they tasted every bit as good as they looked.”

    “I think I’ve [gained] about 50 pounds, but I hope I can lose it before [the movie] comes out,” King jokes.

    Timothée Chalamet attends the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 27, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California

    King believes Chalamet’s Wonka is “everything that people would expect, but also a whole lot more, because there has been emotional depth and truth — which is a side to the book that we haven’t seen in either of the Charlie movies, because [Wonka is] really at the heart of the movie in a way that Charlie was at the heart of the previous movies.”

    “Obviously, [Timothée]’s walking in the footsteps of some truly phenomenal performers who played the role before, so the bar was set very high,” he adds, referencing Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp taking on the role in 1971 and 2005 versions, respectively.

    Aside from Chalamet, Wonka’s star-studded cast includes Keegan-Michael Key, Rowan Atkinson, Olivia Colman, Jim Carter and Matt Lucas, plus Sally Hawkins as Wonka’s mother.

    Of what he hopes audiences take away, King tells PEOPLE, “I hope it’s a blast of joy when we all need it the most. It’s great fun. Timothée’s phenomenal. And like I said, he brings enormous art to the role, as well as all the kind of magic and mayhem and mischievousness you might expect.”

    “I hope it’s a really great fun outing for the whole family,” King adds. “It should be just a great Christmas movie. That’s what we’re trying to do, and I hope people really embrace it as that.”

    Wonka is in theaters Dec. 15.

  • Andrea Evans, Star of ‘One Life to Live’ and ‘The Young and the Restless’, Dead at 66

    Andrea Evans has died at age 66.

    Don Carroll, Evans’ former manager, confirmed to PEOPLE that the daytime star died on Sunday from cancer. Her current manager Nick Leicht also confirmed her death, telling PEOPLE: “I’ve been working with Andrea for the past 7 years. She was such a tremendous talent and an absolute joy to work with.”

    Evans was best known for starring as troubled teenager Tina Lord on One Life to Live and later as Patty Williams on The Young and the Restless. She was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for outstanding ingenue in a drama series in 1988 for her performance as Tina.

    Frank Valentini, the former executive producer of One Life to Live and current EP of General Hospital, paid tribute to the late star on Twitter, writing, “I am so sorry to learn of Andrea Evans’ passing. Andrea was already a huge star when my career began at OLTL.”

    He continued: “She was always kind, gracious, and so fun to work with. A daytime legend who will be missed very much. My sympathies to her friends and family.”

    For her work as Vivian Price in the web series DeVanity, Evans earned another Daytime Emmy Nomination in 2015 for outstanding performer in a new approaches drama series.

    Her other prominent television roles included Rebecca Hotchkiss on Passions and Patty Walker on The Bay. She also appeared in films such as A Low Down Dirty Shame, Ice Cream Man and Hit List, as well as several TV movies.

    Andrea Evans

    The actress abruptly left One Life to Live in the 1990s to take a career break, after which she largely stayed out of the public eye.

    Evans told PEOPLE in 2008 that her decision had been influenced by her experience with a stalker. “It’s forever changed me,” she said. “There’s no way it could not.”

    Andrea Evans

    That same year, the actress reprised her role as Tina with a guest appearance on One Life to Live. Executive producer Valentini told TV Guide in April 2008 that her return had been among fans’ top demands for a while before it came to fruition.

    “Even though Andrea has not appeared on OLTL since 1990, she has remained among the most requested characters to return to the show,” Valentini said at the time. “I welcome her home to OLTL and to the role where she made an indelible mark on our audience.”

    The actress also released her own statement about her return. “For many years, both fans of mine and One Life to Live have wanted me to return,” she said. “Now that the timing is right, I’m thrilled to be returning to the role of Tina, which I’ve always held near and dear to my heart.”

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    Evans is survived by her husband Stephen Rodriguez, whom she married in 1998, and their daughter Kylie. She was previously married to her One Life to Live costar Wayne Massey from 1981 to 1983.

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